Ronald Brown, CEO and Founder of PA Juneteenth Coaltion

The Pennsylvania Juneteenth Coalition (PAJC) is an alliance of PA community organizations and community residences which collaborates resources to improve the lives of residents in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, though hosting and implementing annual Juneteenth programs in communities throughout the Commonwealth of PA, throughout the month of June.

In 2019, the Coalition, in its 24 year history, achieved the first of its two legislative missions, see to it that Juneteenth become an official legal holiday in the State of Pennsylvania. The Coalition will continue to collaborate with NJOF to achieve its legislative mission, of Juneteenth becoming a National Legal Holiday in the United States of America.

Whereas Juneteenth is an official legal holiday in the State of Pennsylvania; the Coalition member organizations shall:

  • Annually host a Juneteenth commemoration in their community and shall in coalition host Juneteenth commemorations throughout the state of Pennsylvania, throughout the month of June. The month of June, from June 1st to June 30th shall be the dates of Pennsylvania’s Juneteenth commemorations with June 19th being the official observance holiday celebration of Pennsylvania’s Juneteenth National Freedom Day.
  • In Coalition, enlighten citizens and visitors of the State of Pennsylvania through education arts cultural and spirituality, of Juneteenth’s history; citizen and visitors will also be made aware of the role PA citizens played in the fight for the freedom rights of People of the African Diaspora in the United States of America
  • Provide to PA residents historical educational and Genealogical activities which will
  1. Reunite separated families (immediate and extended) via family reunion practices;
  2. Return separated families to their tribes via DNA and excursions to the motherland.
  3. Stop the oppression of one to another via employment, skill enhancement training, and education, spirituality, and Juneteenth family reunion practices.
  • The historical and genealogical activities are to provide PA citizens an understanding of their cultural heritage, ancestral and family history and values.
  • In Coalition, provide millennial and youth employment; on the job training/mentorship; leadership development practices; rites of passage principles; family and community strengthening programs; inter-generational relationships; entrepreneurship and managerial skills with the focus of becoming PA Juneteenth’s future leaders.
  • In Coalition, continue to implement its Juneteenth Curriculum in the Philadelphia School Board System, which it has since 1999
  • In Coalition, provide programming focused on repairing & providing holistic support to the disenfranchised African-American family
  • The Coalition commemoration components shall reflect a holistic approach of transitioning from a state of captivity to state of freedom; from a state of ignorance to a state of enlightenment; from a state of separation to a state of unity; from a state of sorrow to a state of Jubilation.