The Philadelphia and Germantown Juneteenth Coalition, trades as the Pennsylvania Juneteenth Coalition (PAJC). PAJC is an alliance of Pennsylvania community organizations and institutions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the month of June annually celebrate Juneteenth, People of the African Diaspora, American Independence Day; June 19th 1865. PAJC mission is to see to it that Juneteenth becomes a state legal holiday in Pennsylvania and a national legal holiday in the United States of America. PAJC uses genealogy, the Arts Culture and History, to return People of the African Diaspora to the roots of their cultural heritage, family tree. The assembled coalition emphasizes the importance of spiritual and family values and family reunification practices (reuniting families, returning them to their tribe and ancestral family tree). The Coalition host projects throughout the year based on inter-generational relationships; leadership development practices; rites of passage principles; family and community strengthening programs. These components reflect a holistic approach to the transition from a state of captivity to state of freedom; from a state of ignorance to a state of enlightenment; from a state of separation to a state of unity; from a state of sorrow to a state of celebration.